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Rachel Getting Married

Posted by Web Manager on January 17, 2009

Jonathan Demme 2008

Loved Anne Hathaway, but I admit that I really wanted to love her going in. People are always like: her? Like its some big surprise. Yes her. She’s so pretty that she’s almost boring, which makes her kind of ugly, and all of a sudden, more beautiful and interesting. I went to a new cinematheque in the suburbs to see RACHEL. I left dinner early to do so, thereby missing out on the main course, some kind of goulash that I had every reason to assume was excellent. This raised the bar for RACHEL, which concerned me, especially in the first moments of the film, when I felt myself struggling to buy in. The premise, acting, dialogue, even cinematography all seemed a little clumsy. I found myself wondering why someone would want to make yet another wry family drama about a wedding in a house, especially with all of these quote unquote interesting people buzzing around being creative, living out some urbane writer’s conception of what a cool 30-something wedding looks like. And there was just a tiny hint of rarified smugness that ran through the film, which I don’t see how you can avoid when you’ve got the guy from TV On The Radio playing the groom (incidentally their latest album is pretty awesome). ┬áNonetheless, every single thing about this movie completely won me over by its half-way point. The script unfolds dramatically and intelligently, with dozens of perfectly handled subtleties – like the mother; you could glean her whole story and how she got to where she was from where she must have been without a word spoken about it. This delicateness could have been ruined a million different ways, but the film showed restraint and trust in the viewer. Well worth missing some goulash.


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