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Posted by Web Manager on May 13, 2011

Chan-wook Park 2009

A priest becomes a vampire and has sex with a nun. OK maybe she’s not a nun, but it’s still awesome.


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I’m A Cyborg But That’s OK

Posted by Web Manager on April 28, 2009

Chan-wook Park 2006

!!!!!!  There is Mr. Park and then there is everyone else.  Park is playing an altogether different game. I’m not saying I loved this movie.  I did love this movie, incidentally. But I’m not saying I did. The difference is small, perhaps imperceptibly so; perhaps there is no difference at all. This goes beyond liking or not liking a movie. Saying you like this movie is like saying you like the idea of gravity.  Or roasting coffee.

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The Host

Posted by Web Manager on February 14, 2009

Joon-ho Bong 2006


My nephew, who is staying with me this weekend, picked this one out at the video store. I’d heard it was good, but not necessarily from a reputable source. I liked the family dynamic angle, which added some unexpected dramatic heft to a film about a giant sea monster that lives in the Han River and creates havoc with no apparent plan or purpose. I’m not a huge fan of these Korean CGI creatures – they look a little silly. But I like what they do around the creatures. They need some help with the monsters. Had this sea monster (river monster doesn’t sound as good), been an actor instead of a CGI creation, it would’ve been like, “yo, Joon-ho, what’s my motivation, dawg?” My nephew, incidentally, has a fever. I was supposed to work today, which I felt guilty about since he is only staying with me for one night. Now it turns out I don’t have to work, but he’s too sick to do anything anyhow. That’s some crazy ironic shit is what that is.

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Lady Vengeance

Posted by Web Manager on February 26, 2008

Chan-woo Park 2005

THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. By the guy who made OLD BOY. The movie makes such intense use its imagery that it is impossible for me recall what transpired between the opening and closing credits with just one viewing. To be sure, I’ll watch it again. The re-enactment of the murder, and the families politely taking turns extracting gruesome vengeance, come quickly to mind. As does the compelling photography of the Korean city. See this movie even if you don’t think you want to. Just do it anyway is what I’m saying. You’ll thank me, maybe not immediately, but one day.

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