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Posted by Web Manager on November 28, 2010

Marco Ferreri 1967

Starts out good and then gets better and better, until the end, which is amazing.


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Un Femme Est Un Femme

Posted by Web Manager on May 6, 2010

Jean-Luc Godard 1961

The manager at my video store said this was his favorite Godard movie (mine, so far, is CONTEMPT – interestingly, the two films, which couldn’t be more different, are kind of about the same thing).  UN FEMME’s soundtrack is what I liked best – stopping, starting, overlapping and generally fucking with me just enough to make me smile. The film is very cheeky, a send-up of American musicals where nothing saves the day like a song. And while theoretically a cheeky  send up can’t be too cheeky, this one comes close, like when Jean-Paul Belmondo’s character says he’s staying in because they’re showing BREATHLESS (which had been released less than one year prior) on television. Other cheeky scenes, like when Anna Karina and Jean-Claude Brialy take turns carrying  lamps around the apartment and using book titles to insult each other, are marginally more palatable.

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Dillinger is Dead

Posted by Web Manager on April 22, 2010

Marco Ferreri 1969

Marco is the fucking man. Special thanks to *** for suggesting I see more of his films (I’d only seen LE GRANDE BOUFFE, which I loved). This one takes place almost entirely in the protagonist’s apartment, over the course of one night, with precious little dialogue. The man cooks himself a late night dinner and finds an old gun that might have belonged to John Dillinger. What follows, for me at least, is a more fully developed understanding of insanity – by which I mean all that is completely necessary, all that would not be any other way. Chocolate Mousse!

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Posted by Web Manager on October 18, 2009

Rainer Werner Fassbinder 1969

What if I say it’s hypnotic, rather than boring?  The film lulled me into a kind of mesmerized catatonic state during which I am said to have laughed and drooled at all the appropriate moments. Stylish lowlifes walk in and out of a handful of frames – the railing in front of the building, the tavern, Elisabeth’s dining room, Rosa’s bedroom – often with the intention of lackluster copulation. Eventually a foreigner enters the picture and the Germans welcome him with not-so-open arms.

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Insect Woman

Posted by Web Manager on August 31, 2009

Shohei Imamura 1963

I was planning to see as many movies as I could in a row with WOMAN in the title, but this one stopped me dead in my tracks. When it first started I thought it might be a medieval folk story – it’s not. But it was hard to tell the difference in rural Japan in the 1920’s. The film tracks her life against the backdrop of the changing times in Japan over the first half of the twentieth century. It’s full of metaphors went clear over my head, but I caught as catch can.  I mean I’m not a complete idiot – I know a little about Japanese history. Like that they invented the camcorder. Powerful imagery compliments an increasingly harsh story line that leaves you feeling a little worn out. This was also one of the films Scorcese mentioned in the discussion on L’Eclisse that I saw on youtube.

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The Hustler

Posted by Web Manager on April 25, 2009

Robert Rossen 1961

One thing most people don’t know about this one is that it’s pretty sad. Another thing is that it’s not just Paul Newman who’s awesome in it.  Piper Laurie, Jackie Gleason and a very young and dashing George C. Scott are what make this movie so great to watch.  Especially George C. Scott.  And Piper Laurie.  And also Jackie Gleason.  Paul Newman said he’d never shot pool at all before making this film.

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Poor Cow

Posted by Web Manager on January 5, 2009

Ken Loach 1967


Great, especially if you watch it in the late afternoon, as I did. It has a late-afternoon kind of pacing to it. I like when a movie is about a woman, as this one is. There’s something totally compelling about her and the way she lives her life. The storytelling pulls apart little moments and compresses large swaths of time in a way that’s inviting, especially with the pop songs coming in and out, giving the movie a raw gloss that just pulls you in. I want to see more of his movies.

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Virgin Spring

Posted by Web Manager on December 22, 2008

Ingmar Bergman 1960

Approaching Bergman’s wing of the video store is a little overwhelming. To be honest, I chose this one because of its under-90-minute running time. As a general rule, I really appreciate the 90 minute running time. Also, I rented it along with another film (MONSIEUR HIRE), so I wanted to keep the overall running time for the double feature to a minimum. Ang Lee introduces this film on the Criterion Collection DVD and does a much better job than I could talking about the film’s many fine points. That being said, I wouldn’t say you MUST see it. On the other hand, it is pretty awesome, and there are surely worse ways to spend 89 minutes of your life.

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Le Feu Follet

Posted by Web Manager on December 11, 2008

Louis Malle 1963

A friend of mine recommended that I see this film.  She said that the protagonist reminded her of me.  It took me almost a year before I got around to seeing it, and when I did I became somewhat concerned by her comparison.  I wrote her as much in an email and she wrote back something about the ghost of christmas past in ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE, like be careful or this could be you.  So it was hard for me to watch the film for what it was and not for how much I might resemble this bourgeois recovering alcoholic.  I really loved all of the stuff he had with him in the institution, his beautiful clothes and his luger.  His despair about his wasted life was well conceived and portrayed, but I found it less than gripping.  Definitely worth watching, even if you’re not a borderline suicidal apathetic dandy like me.

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A Man and a Woman (Un Homme et Une Femme)

Posted by Web Manager on October 15, 2008

Claude Lelouch (1966)

This highly stylized film has some sticking power.  I watched it at my parents’ house, and when my mother walked by while it was playing she recognized the music – from when she saw it in the theater 40 years ago.  Discussing the plot is difficult without spoiling it, partly because of the editing (by which the past is revealed in flashback conversations in the form of musical interludes depicting the content of these conversations) and partly because very little happens.  Still I enjoyed watching it, and not just because the leading actors are so very beautiful, but mostly because of that.  I also like when he stops for gas on the way back to Paris after the rally.

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