Fucky Film Review!

About Fucky

Fucky Film Review! is a special internet place for movies.

It is a “review” only within the word’s limited meaning: “a report on past events.”

In other words, Fucky does not critique. It reports. I should probably have called the site the Fucky Film Report, but I didn’t think of it at the time, and anyhow, I like how Fucky Film Review sounds.

Nor is Fucky a list of my favorite films.

I just try to post every film I watch (since starting the blog in 2008) and keep the site as current as possible.

Fucky is also for anyone wandering around a video store (or their Netflix queue), trying to figure out what to watch, and considering calling me to ask if I’ve seen anything good lately. Not that I don’t enjoy these calls; I do, and I find them flattering and challenging. And not at all intrusive. Think of Fucky as the next best thing which is actually better than the real thing because Fucky remembers what I have been watching better than I can, especially if you call me while I am doing anything else at all (it’s possible) since it’s a well-known fact that I can only do one thing at a time.

Thank you for visiting Fucky Film Review.

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