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Posted by Web Manager on January 25, 2013

Michael Haneke 2012

amourEveryone is getting behind this film and for good reason. Go out and see it in the theater if you can.


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Un Flic

Posted by Web Manager on January 25, 2013

Jean-Pierre Melville 1972

un flicUN FLIC means “a cop” not “a flick,” though it would make more sense if it were the latter.  We’re supposed to believe that Alain Delon is a police superintendent who with one slap can instill fear in the hearts of hardened criminals.  This in addition to the model helicopter and train shots which even in 1972 I can’t believe Melville got away with.  But don’t get me wrong – the movie has it’s moments – I liked Delon most in his scenes with the cross-dressing informant. And as in LE CERCLE ROUGE, Melville’s better known heist film, the crime scenes are quiet, patient, maddeningly methodical, and super stylish.

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Atlantic City

Posted by Web Manager on January 19, 2013

Louis Malle 1980

atlantic cityBurt Lancaster is pretty great as an aging lackey who likes to pretend he was once a heavy, but I didn’t buy Susan Sarandon’s character (she’s from Saskatchewan, married to a petty thief who ran off with her reflexologist sister, and wants to become a blackjack dealer so she can go to Monte Carlo.  Maybe that’s what you get when a Frenchman tries to make a very American film.

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The Killing

Posted by Web Manager on January 19, 2013

Stanly Kubrick 1956

the-killingGood story about the robbery of a racetrack.  Kubrick was not quite Kubrick yet – this was his first real narrative movie – but it’s very watchable and features a slew of great character actors from the era. My favorite is Timothy Carey.

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The Hunt

Posted by Web Manager on January 10, 2013

Thomas Vinterberg 2012

The-HuntMoving suspenseful and thought provoking film.  A simple story expertly told with fine attention to detail that kept me totally engrossed.  My favorite thing was probably how without being too obvious movie made me feel like I knew the town and its people, which was important because otherwise I might have just been thinking, why doesn’t he just leave?

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