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The Loveless

Posted by Web Manager on May 8, 2010


Kathryn Bigelow and Monty Montogmery 1982

I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes, food, or other such amenities. But I strongly believe in springing for high quality shaving cream and after shave. The difference is tangible enough to justify the extra cash. I’m the same when it comes to films. The effort a good movie requires is worth the investment. Watching Pirates of the Caribbean or All About Steve or whatever such bullshit is like using shaving cream by Gillette.

I just watched 1982’s The THE LOVELESS, the first film directed by reigning Academy Award for Best Director winner Kathryn Bigelow (actually co-directed with Monty Montgomery, who never directed anything else, but was a producer on the TWIN PEAKS pilot, and appeared as the cowboy in MULHOLLAND DRIVE mong other notable factoids). It was also the first starring role for Willem Dafoe.

The plot involves a motorcycle gang stuck in a small southern town while one of them fixes his bike. Mr. Dafoe plays the leader of the gang. He’s mysterious, and the local ladies find him quite attractive. The typical residents vs. outsiders tensions ensue. (Don’t believe the description on Netflix – it’s way off).  What sets this movie apart is the mood, the setting (you can feel the humidity), and Ms. Bigelow and Mr. Montgomery’s willingness to allow the story to move at whatever pace it feels like moving. I found myself completely sucked in. Aside from the swastika tattooed on the hand of one of the bikers. That seemed unnecessary.

The way the gang interacts in this movie – a gang together of their own choosing, so you’d think they’re friends, but there’s all this hostility between the members – reminded me of some of the kids in my neighborhood growing up. It was a common occurrence that you’d happen to glance at some dude, and he’d say, “Got a staring problem?” I never understood this. I can’t look at you? Why? People aren’t really like that anymore, which is a relief.

Anyways, you should watch THE LOVELESS.

-Guest Reviewer MC Aaron


One Response to “The Loveless”

  1. Arturo said

    Thanks MC Aaron, I didn’t realize Gillette wasn’t considered good shaving cream.

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