Fucky Film Review!

Bad Lieutenant

Posted by Web Manager on March 24, 2010

Abel Ferrara 1992

Werner Herzog is awesome because even when he makes what looks like probably a not so good movie (his new BAD LIEUTENANT with Nick Cage) it still has positive effects, like making me want to rent the original BAD LIEUTENANT, which I knew almost nothing about. I thought it was an older film than it turned out to be, I guess because I’d seen the gritty footage here and there, but it turns out this puppy is from 1992 – after RESERVOIR DOGS. Harvey Keitel is pretty insane, as only Harvey Keitel can be – I can’t imagine how this film could possibly have worked with anyone else. He’s some kind of remnant from our collective primordial soup. My favorite thing about the movie is the loose guerrilla style – especially in the scene in the Limelight where the screen is basically black lit only by the occasional strobe light as Keitel walks through the club.


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