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Ghost Writer

Posted by Web Manager on March 31, 2010

Roman Polanski 2010

A Perfect Saturday Night Movie. Some people don’t know what to make of Polanski or his movies, but for this one it really doesn’t fucking matter – just go see it.  It’s a total 100% movie – suspenseful, cheeky and gratifying. To be sure, there are some typical Polanski oddities – such as the casting (Kim Catrall as a British assistant to the former PM) and to some extent the protagonist’s inexplicable disregard for his own safety – but as usual they are so ingenuous and well pitched that they add rather than detract to the feeling of the film.  Fucky’s 2010 First Quarter Frontrunner.


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Bad Lieutenant

Posted by Web Manager on March 24, 2010

Abel Ferrara 1992

Werner Herzog is awesome because even when he makes what looks like probably a not so good movie (his new BAD LIEUTENANT with Nick Cage) it still has positive effects, like making me want to rent the original BAD LIEUTENANT, which I knew almost nothing about. I thought it was an older film than it turned out to be, I guess because I’d seen the gritty footage here and there, but it turns out this puppy is from 1992 – after RESERVOIR DOGS. Harvey Keitel is pretty insane, as only Harvey Keitel can be – I can’t imagine how this film could possibly have worked with anyone else. He’s some kind of remnant from our collective primordial soup. My favorite thing about the movie is the loose guerrilla style – especially in the scene in the Limelight where the screen is basically black lit only by the occasional strobe light as Keitel walks through the club.

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Bye Bye Monkey

Posted by Web Manager on March 22, 2010

Marco Ferreri 1978

If you’ve been waiting to see a movie where Gerard Depardieu gets raped by a feminist theater troupe, communicates with a police whistle, adopts a monkey, and destroys Imperial Rome, you can stop waiting.  CIAO MASCHIO is pretty spectacular.   The film goes to the quick of what I like to call the masculine question. Imagine what it must have been like on that fucking set! Marcello Mastroianni crying an old man’s tears on a desolate sand hill of the Battery Park construction site – empty acreage everywhere and the twin towers looming above, tits, fire, rats, and monkeys big and small – this movie has everything.

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Magnificent Obsession

Posted by Web Manager on March 22, 2010

Douglas Sirk 1954

I kept hearing about Douglas Sirk, but never directly. No one was willing to come out and say anything specific about the man or his movies. And yet I was sure I knew what it would all be about. So I checked my precognitions against MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION, apparently Sirk’s breakout mainstream film. First of all, I was totally right. The movie is an absurd love story with a creepy Christian undercurrent – something you think you’d never want to watch if it weren’t for the fact that from the first frame you get the feeling that the director sees things the same way you do.  It isn’t satire, exactly – mainly because the movie never makes fun of itself or its main characters.  The more preposterous the scene, the more serious the film becomes.  How you’ll feel about this – or whether  you’ll care at all – is an open question, but he’s worth checking out if you want to see how an artist can turn earnestness on its head.

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*** Apologies ***

Posted by Web Manager on March 10, 2010

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting.  Frankly, I’m surprised how many of you noticed (all 3 of you noticed). To make matters worse I have a backlog of about 30 films I’ve watched over these past three months:

THE WIRE (ENTIRE SERIES) – Impossibly, lives up to and surpasses the hype, takes over your life.  I called it early: it’s all about Valchek.

LONESOME JIM – Surprisingly unsurprising ending.

BLACK SNAKE MOAN – Christina Ricci, thin, topless and possessed by sex demons.  Recipe for success.

WHATEVER WORKS – Nowhere near as bad as people said it’d be. Show some respect for Woody.

THE BEAT MY HEART SKIPPED – Watch it with your dad.  Now I want to see THE PROPHET.

AN EDUCATION – Not that big a deal, but entertaining. Molina makes it worthwhile.  Also thanks but we don’t need another Audrey Tautou.

PRECIOUS – Based on the novel Push by Sapphire. Awesome editing sequence from the subway to the stars to the church.

DEATH AND THE MAIDEN – Weird and intense and awesome, typical of Polanski in that era.

IT’S COMPLICATED – Not that complicated.  Just bad.

SURE THING – Glorious.

HURT LOCKER – Perfect aside from the scene in the supermarket.

THE WHITE RIBBON – Mesmerizing, never boring.

CHOP SHOP – Mesmerizing, kind of boring.

MAN ON WIRE – Mesmerizing, heart breaking, beautiful.

FUNNY PEOPLE – Would have been better as a movie for comedians instead of about comedians for everyone else.

THE MESSENGER – Acting movie. Woody Harrelson’s serious side. Ben Foster annoys me.

NEW MOON – Don’t ask.

EDGE OF LOVE – Dylan Thomas made to look like an idiot. Sienna Miller made to look irresistible.

THROUGH THE GLASS DARKLY – Fucking Bergman. The play the kids put on stands out.


SWEENY TODD – Even so, they sing too much.

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN – Best vampire movie ever.

MAD MEN – SEASON 2 – They’re losing me but I hear Season 3 is better.

FANTASTIC MR. FOX – Funny, and kind of poignant, but also kind of empty.  I like how a fox is just a fox but don’t get why a fox’s wife is a door mat.

NEXT DAY AIR – Hard to find something nice to say about this movie. For some reason I thought it would be a little better than it was.

ROLE MODELS – A few laugh out loud moments.

THE HANGOVER – No laugh out loud moments.

CRAZY HEART – I saw it in the theater. Five minutes after Colin Farrell appeared on screen, my father leaned over to my mother and me and said, “that’s Colin Firth.”

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