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Lars and the Real Girl

Posted by Web Manager on January 27, 2010

Craig Gillespie 2007

I would preferred to have liked this less than I did, which wasn’t that much, but it was more than I thought it would be. It’s about a man in a serious relationship with a sex doll. If that sounds bad to you, you’ll probably like this movie more than I did. It sounds great to me. This could have been an awesome movie. It wasn’t. But it also could have been a terrible movie, and it wasn’t that either. Where does that leave us? Same place we started.


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Up in the Air

Posted by Web Manager on January 10, 2010

Jason Reitman 2009

God this sucked so bad. Would it have sucked less if it hadn’t been for all the hype? Maybe, but who cares.  George Clooney has so many magnetic hotel room keys that he can’t figure out which one opens his door. Wow. That’s so cool, can we see it again? Really? Because I was being sarcastic – I didn’t really want to see it again, but the movie shows it again. By the way, you’re supposed to just throw those out.  I could go on but it’s not worth our time.

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Vicky Christina Barcelona

Posted by Web Manager on January 6, 2010

Woody Alllen 2008

I’ve watched it like three times now and I still can’t find anything wrong with it. Also I think it’s Scarlett Johansson’s best performance yet – she seems to be getting better under Woody’s care.


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