Fucky Film Review!

The King of Comedy

Posted by Web Manager on October 17, 2009

Martin Scorsese 1982

This is an awesome movie.  First of all it’s Robert DeNiro like you’ve never seen him before. Or maybe you’ll think it’s how he always is. Both are kind of true, but the thing is that here it is just so fun to watch him, and Scorsese gives him everyone and everything to work with – a pitch perfect Jerry Lewis as a late night talk show host, incredible sets and costumes, brilliant delusory scenes, 80’s Manhattan, and a superb supporting cast including a young and disturbingly sexy Sandra Bernhard (that’s fucked up people.  See this movie). Fucky Film Review Film of The First Half of October. Special thanks to Nay Nay Von Nay and Mr. A.O. Scott for reminding us to see this.


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