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Posted by Web Manager on October 13, 2009

Tony Gilroy 2009

Opens with a brilliant slow motion brawl on the tarmac between the rival executives played by Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson. What follows is a tangled love story between two ex-spies played by Julia Roberts and Clive Owen.  Their problem is that they are fundamentally unable to trust each other.  The movie’s problem is that it doesn’t give us enough reasons to care one way or the other. This is especially disappointing given the obvious on-screen chemistry between the leading actors.


2 Responses to “Duplicity”

  1. Ditto. The slo-mo fight scene was sweeet! DUPLICITY had so much potential, but turned out to be a complete waste of resources!

  2. kozakfilms said

    PegLeg – once again we are in complete agreement. Thank you for your comment. – FFR

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