Fucky Film Review!


Posted by Web Manager on October 8, 2009

Oliver Stone 2008

W. doesn’t really feel like a movie exactly. More like an expensive and well-acted E! True Hollywood Special extended reenactment. The supporting cast is poppy and great – Thandy Newton as Condi, Scott Glenn as Rummy, Jeffery Wright as Colin P., Elizabeth Banks as Laura, Dreyfus as Cheney and my favorite, Bruce McGill as George Tenet.  Josh Brolin was OK but not inspired. I liked the dynamic with W’s father George H. Bush, even if it was overplayed. Same for the security meeting ahead of the war with Iraq, where everyone gives their big speech. I would have appreciated some creative license to sex it all up a little, like maybe Condi and Ari Fleischer sweating it out on the ranch.


One Response to “W.”

  1. Sex It UP!!!! Also, didn’t George W. get caught with cocaine when he was in his 30’s? I would’ve liked to have seen more BLOW scenes in this film. Maybe Ari doing a line of coke off Condi’s ass?

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