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The Man Without a Past

Posted by Web Manager on October 31, 2009

Aki Kaurismaki 2002

Fantastic Finnish flick about a guy who loses his memory and has to recreate himself from scratch in down and out Helsinki. Beautiful and original – not a single false note. Special thanks to Omri for brining it to our attention.


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World Cinema [Short]

Posted by Web Manager on October 30, 2009

Coen Brothers 2007

This is a great 3 minute ditty from the Coen brothers.

Most people think Josh Brolin is playing his character from  NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN,
but he’s actually doing it as George W. Bush in Oliver Stone’s W.

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Posted by Web Manager on October 27, 2009

David Fincher 2007

This was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be terrible, but I really it was just inoffensively dumb. Especially the ending where he’s a senile toddler. That was just silly. And the whole idea of the story being told in flashback with the journal and the dying mother and the hurricane and all that – I don’t like that shit. Except for PRINCESS BRIDE – you need Peter Falk and Kevin from the Wonder Years to pull that shit off.  On the plus side, BUTTON did have some true-ish moments, which is more than I can say for FORREST GUMP.

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Posted by Web Manager on October 23, 2009

Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani 2009


Powerful cinema verite on the mean streets of Jaffa.  Superb acting and directing – throughout the film, wonderful little moments that gave layers of depth to the characters’ lives.  I read somewhere that in the international release, there is no way for people reading the subtitles to know whether the characters are speaking Arabic or Hebrew.  This is a shame because a lot of insight and nuance comes through the interplay between the languages.  Still it’s totally worth checking out – expect to see it in a lot of major festivals, and in theatrical release in Europe (and maybe even America).  FFR’s Fall 2009 Favorite Film Seen in the Theater.

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* * * Chocolate Birthday Cake * * *

Posted by Web Manager on October 23, 2009

best birthday cake everby tamuz bar, october 16, 2009.

thank you.

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Posted by Web Manager on October 18, 2009

Rainer Werner Fassbinder 1969

What if I say it’s hypnotic, rather than boring?  The film lulled me into a kind of mesmerized catatonic state during which I am said to have laughed and drooled at all the appropriate moments. Stylish lowlifes walk in and out of a handful of frames – the railing in front of the building, the tavern, Elisabeth’s dining room, Rosa’s bedroom – often with the intention of lackluster copulation. Eventually a foreigner enters the picture and the Germans welcome him with not-so-open arms.

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The King of Comedy

Posted by Web Manager on October 17, 2009

Martin Scorsese 1982

This is an awesome movie.  First of all it’s Robert DeNiro like you’ve never seen him before. Or maybe you’ll think it’s how he always is. Both are kind of true, but the thing is that here it is just so fun to watch him, and Scorsese gives him everyone and everything to work with – a pitch perfect Jerry Lewis as a late night talk show host, incredible sets and costumes, brilliant delusory scenes, 80’s Manhattan, and a superb supporting cast including a young and disturbingly sexy Sandra Bernhard (that’s fucked up people.  See this movie). Fucky Film Review Film of The First Half of October. Special thanks to Nay Nay Von Nay and Mr. A.O. Scott for reminding us to see this.

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Posted by Web Manager on October 13, 2009

Tony Gilroy 2009

Opens with a brilliant slow motion brawl on the tarmac between the rival executives played by Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson. What follows is a tangled love story between two ex-spies played by Julia Roberts and Clive Owen.  Their problem is that they are fundamentally unable to trust each other.  The movie’s problem is that it doesn’t give us enough reasons to care one way or the other. This is especially disappointing given the obvious on-screen chemistry between the leading actors.

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John Adams [TV]

Posted by Web Manager on October 10, 2009

HBO Miniseries

Directed by Tom Hooper

If this doesn’t get you singing Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies in the shower nothing will. Laura Linney, who generally sometimes gets under my skin a little, was born to play Abigail Adams. I liked a lot of the choices that were made – especially in terms of which historical and personal episodes in the Adams’ lives the writers chose to focus on. I didn’t like the crooked camera work in the colonies. I liked Paris and Amsterdam. I liked Paul Giamatti as John Adams, Stephen Dillane as Jefferson, Tom Wilkinson as Franklin, David Morse as Washington, and Sarah Polley as the Adams’ daughter Nabby.  I also liked the understated relationship between John Adams and his cousin Samuel in the first few episodes.  The end trails off a bit, as biographies tend to – it’s tough to get around that.

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Posted by Web Manager on October 8, 2009

Oliver Stone 2008

W. doesn’t really feel like a movie exactly. More like an expensive and well-acted E! True Hollywood Special extended reenactment. The supporting cast is poppy and great – Thandy Newton as Condi, Scott Glenn as Rummy, Jeffery Wright as Colin P., Elizabeth Banks as Laura, Dreyfus as Cheney and my favorite, Bruce McGill as George Tenet.  Josh Brolin was OK but not inspired. I liked the dynamic with W’s father George H. Bush, even if it was overplayed. Same for the security meeting ahead of the war with Iraq, where everyone gives their big speech. I would have appreciated some creative license to sex it all up a little, like maybe Condi and Ari Fleischer sweating it out on the ranch.

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