Fucky Film Review!


Posted by Web Manager on July 30, 2009

Larry Charles 2009

Didn’t offend me.  I don’t mind that a lot of the scenes were more or less “directed.”  What bothered me was that it wasn’t quite funny enough. BORAT, which I laughed at throughout, was much more offensive in the sense that it took a lot of cheap shots at undeserving people who were just being polite to him, like hey look at you idiot, I am spitting in the face of your hospitality.  I didn’t see that as much in BRUNO. I just saw a few jokes being played out over an over again.  This might be a waste of talent, but it seems like Baron-Cohen knows what he wants to be doing – which I guess is some kind of Andy Kaufman-like balls out commitment to uncomfortable places, whether they are funny or not.


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