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The Last King of Scotland

Posted by Web Manager on July 27, 2009

Kevin Macdonald 2006

For some reason I wasn’t expecting this film to be good and I probably wouldn’t have rented it, but the other day while at a friend’s house I witnessed a hilarious argument between him and his wife over what programs to erase from the near-full digital recorder – his or hers. Once possessed of control of the remote, she began deleting shows he would clearly never watch (like Sky News UEFA highlights from 2007). I can’t explain exactly why but there was something so funny about this — I especially was laughing my head off, which seemed to encourage her, and the next thing we knew she had scandalously deleted THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. Somehow this episode made me curious about the film, which I had been told to check out just for Forrest Whitaker’s performance. Forrest was just as good as everyone said, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the film itself, which was beautifully shot and put together, and told from the perspective of two tragically misguided men.


One Response to “The Last King of Scotland”

  1. Fatty said

    I loved the trippy psychadelic sex scene in this movie!

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