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Fool for Love

Posted by Web Manager on July 22, 2009

Robert Altman 1985

All about the acting and the writing, it makes me love Altman even more for just letting it all happen. It’s fun to watch Sam Shepard acting in his own play. Kim Basinger is very very good and, in 1985, stunningly beautiful. Harry Dean Stanton plays the old man and needs no Fucky accolades – he is always good. My faorite thing Altman did, aside from putting the whole thing together, the was the way he did the “memories” – juxtaposed to the text spoken over them, highlighting the role of memory and self-deceit in family and in life. Mad props to Ron Milan for recommending this.


2 Responses to “Fool for Love”

  1. MC Aaron said


  2. Fatty said

    Sam Shepard = Pimp of Playwrights

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