Fucky Film Review!

Carnal Knowledge

Posted by Web Manager on July 1, 2009

Mike Nichols 1971

Jack Nicholson looked pretty old for a college freshman, but Art Garfunkel sold it. The film checks in with these two buddies intermittently over the twenty years that follow to see how they’re getting along with the fairer sex. There’s a great interlude in the middle where Jack Nicholson’s character shacks up with Ann Margret.  If you’re under 40, you’ll be like, oh – that’s Ann Margret, nice. I’m not so crazy about the last two scenes – the slideshow and the hooker.  The slideshow scene alone would be fine, but the hooker scene seemed a little silly to me, which tainted the slideshow. For me, I mean – in my subjective experience of the film, which, more or less, is what Fucky is all about.


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