Fucky Film Review!

Shape of Things

Posted by Web Manager on June 29, 2009

Neil LaBute 2003

Very shapely film about things. My favorite scene was the one in Phillip and Jenny’s apartment where Phillip ( Fred Weller, who was awesome) and Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) get into a spat. The prosthetics on Paul Rudd were ridiculous, but PR has more chops as an actor than he usually gets credit for, and he uses them in SHAPE OF THINGS.  The movie was adapted from LaBute’s play, and the writing is sharp all the way through. LaBute is interested in the profound distrust and misunderstanding that arises in relationships between men and women, and the basic dramatic structure of this story (something is very wrong, but we’re just not sure what) delivers the message poignantly. Good flick.


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