Fucky Film Review!

Russian Dolls

Posted by Web Manager on June 25, 2009

Cedric Klapisch 2005

Watching this was kind of a half-assed homework assignment meant to stimulate my stated interest in pan-European cinema. His earlier film with the same characters, L’AUBERGE ESPAGNOLE, was one I avoided because it looked kind of annoying. DOLLS’ story, which follows a French “writer” from one impossibly luxurious living arrangement to the next, is textbook French: an affable if not impudent young man with no income doesn’t know how to choose among the endless number of beautiful women who want him and tries to get his head around the idea of the perfect woman.  Light fare, but better than I expected (not unlike the salad I ate for lunch) partly because of a few well-placed interesting visual escapes from the narrative thread, like the shot of the woman walking down Petersburg’s perfect street.


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