Fucky Film Review!

Synecdoche, New York

Posted by Web Manager on June 14, 2009

Charlie Kaufman 2008

A complicated, intricate, and surreal film – more so, perhaps, than any of Kaufman’s previous films – SYNECDOCHE unfolds organically; it becomes. This was the first time Kaufman directed, but Kaufman was directing even when someone else was sitting in the chair – I don’t think MALKOVICH, ADAPTATION and ETERNAL SUNSHINE would have been much different had Kaufman directed those himself, nor, by the same turn, would SYNECDOCHE have been were it directed by Michel Gondry or Spike Jonze.  Kaufman’s films are borne of his storytelling and savant-like understanding of the medium – its conventions, limitations and possibilities. Despite being such a fantastical and surreal visual concept, SYNECDOCHE stands on its characters.  They move the story along over forty years with fierce, intuitive, dream-like logic that regales the impressively byzantine architecture of the film to a supporting, rather than leading, element of the story.


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