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The Brothers Bloom

Posted by Web Manager on June 7, 2009

Rian Johnson 2009

Here’s what I think happened. It took RJ years to raise the money for BRICK; during which time, he rewrote rehearsed and re-thougt, until everything marinated just right.  By the time the money came through the script was nearly perfect, the debut, “brilliant”.  [Insert your big shot producers] loved BRICK because it was so “brilliant,” and booya, Johnson has a deal for his next picture.  Much bigger budget.  Maybe some pressure, maybe more people whispering in his ears, maybe less time to write.  THE BROTHERS BLOOM is a disappointment.  Probably a mistake to re-use one of  the more successful gags from BRICK – the punch launched from off-screen – in the opening sequence of BLOOM.  Maybe spectacle just got the better of the film. RJ has a masterful eye and an intuitive understanding of cinema he is definitely in the right line of work – there are some mouthwatering shots in BLOOM, stitched together in a consistent and engaging visual language.  But the plot, weak from the start, and often developed in dialogue badly out of tune, became so tiring by the end of the film that I found myself waiting for it to end.


2 Responses to “The Brothers Bloom”

  1. MC Aaron said

    I liked this movie but I can’t argue with someone not being into it.

    I attended a screening of The Conformist, presented by RJ. I nodded off while he was speaking. When, after about 15 minutes of boring dialogue between the moderator and RJ, the moderator asked if anyone in the audience had any questions, someone yelled out, “Just show the movie already!”

    The Conformist is really good. Highly recommended.

    • kozakfilms said

      THE CONFORMIST is great, I agree. I should watch it again and report on the experience here at FUCKY FILM REVIEW

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