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Two Lovers

Posted by Web Manager on May 30, 2009

James Gray 2008

I’m not even sure who the two lovers are; it’s too obvious if they’re Michelle and Sandra, the two women that Leonard, a mostly-medicated bipolar man in his early thirties who lives with his old world parents in Brooklyn, becomes involved with over the course of the film.  Maybe the two lovers are Leonard (Joaqin Phoenix) and his mother (Isabella Rossellini).  Did Leonard really love Michelle (Gwyneth Paltrow), or did he just think he did?  Did he ever love Sandra (the milky-eyed beauty, Vinessa Shaw)?  Is James Gray really the Next Big Thing? There’s a seventies feel to this movie that I think comes from the fact that despite having a lot of big actors and a big movie-making apparatus behind it, it still feels authentic and a little unfinished.  The dialogue, much improved since Gray’s last film WE OWN THE NIGHT, perhaps because he didn’t write  TWO LOVERS alone, gave it a strange timelessness that added to the impression of honesty I took from the film.   I liked how Leonard spoke to, and acted differently around, each of the two women. There were a few scenes that were a little off, like Leonard’s meeting with Sandra’s father , which felt overdramatic and out of touch with the rest of the film, hey, who’s counting. Leonard’s father was played by Moni Moshonov, an Israeli actor who also acted in WE OWN THE NIGHT.  Moni told me that Gray called him after he seeing him act in Dover Kovashvili’s A LATE MARRIAGE, a screening of which Gray had walked into accidentally.  I thought about this as I watched the movie and noticed a spooky kind of similarity between LOVERS and MARRIAGE. We’re all just fruit in the cosmic shake.


2 Responses to “Two Lovers”

  1. zimchee said

    Cosmic Smoothie…sounds like a good title for the new Funkadelic album!

  2. Dana said

    just watched the movie and liked it a lot. though had a wee bit of a hard time verbalizing my thoughts. also, not sure why is it, was really wondering what u thought of it. i was sure u saw it cause we talked about your fellow Gray director and felt like u must have been curious about this one. and.. u have seen and liked it also. you accurately described that timelessness feeling of it, didnt know whats the year till Moshonove said its 1993. i was curious to see Joaquin. he seemed to have kinda lost it after this movie (youtube him on David Letterman). think he’s (was?) a good actor.
    thank you mr Fucky Reviewer

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