Fucky Film Review!

The Fall

Posted by Web Manager on May 17, 2009

Tarsem Singh 2006

A little girl in a hospital in Los Angeles, circa 1915, meets a suicidal stuntman recovering from a paralyzing injury and a broken heart. The stuntman begins telling the girl a fantasy story in an effort to recruit her to steal some morphine from the dispensary so he can finish himself off.  The story becomes more and more intertwined with an increasingly sad and pathetic reality, until the end where I don’t remember what happens. The movie could have been a lot better than it was. The imagery is stunning,  and the editing  – there is a lot of meaning and beauty in how each shot relates to the shot that precedes and follows it.  The juxtaposition of composition is a basic but kind of sneaky communicative element in film that when done well, can make the difference between a good film and great one. But it’s more fun when the compositions are less contrived than they were in THE FALL. The fantasy story was totally ridiculous, like a spoof from a late night talk show, worse, perhaps, because the late night characters would be more compelling. By the end I was rooting for Count Odious, the castrated antagonist of this half baked adventure.  Worth the price of admission: the bookends – gorgeous black and white sequences in homage to silent film.


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