Fucky Film Review!


Posted by Web Manager on May 12, 2009

Terrence Malick 1973

There are movies, like this one, that you wish you could erase from your memory so that you’d always be able to experience seeing them for the first time. Not because of some crazy plot twist you never saw coming, but just for the sheer joy of watching it all unfold again. I approached this joy by watching BADLANDS with someone who’d never seen it or even heard of it or its director or his other films.  I loved it. I also noticed for the first time how funny the movie is.  Almost everything Kit (Martin Sheen) says is hilarious.  And you have to laugh out loud when Holly (Sissy Spacek) says that it being the flood season they built their house in the trees.


2 Responses to “Badlands”

  1. zimchee said

    Speaking of Martin Sheen, have you re-watched WALL STREET? Nice Martin Sheen Charlie Sheen action.

  2. kozakfilms said

    I haven’t watched WALL STREET in a while, but I will take your advice and give it a whirl. I remember liking the first half better than the second, and that Darryl Hannah is in the film.

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