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Light Sleeper

Posted by Web Manager on May 9, 2009

Paul Schrader 1992

Recommended to me by my old friend Ron Milan. Its hard to believe they were still making movies like this in 1992 – it feels more like a 70’s movie made in the 80’s than an 80’s movie made in the 90’s.  Willem Dafoe plays a 40 year old cocaine delivery man in the employ of Susan Sarandon, a swanky mid-level dealer.  Sarandon’s plan to leave the business and go clean threatens to make Dafoe’s already pathetic life even more pathetic, and Dafoe scrambles for a sense of himself amidst the drug-addled fog of his adulthood.  I liked it.  David Spade plays a great bit part credited as “Theological Cokehead.”


2 Responses to “Light Sleeper”

  1. MC Aaron said

    I’m convinced this movie must be watched multiple times to be fully appreciated.

  2. MC Aaron said

    That is correct.

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