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Posted by Web Manager on May 5, 2009

Francis Ford Coppola 1983

At first this felt like a spiritual cousin to THE WARRIORS, which would have been fine, but then its drama pulled me in a little differently and it became its own thing, but for some reason I’m searching for a point of reference, so maybe think of a TOUCH OF EVIL for the kids.  The acting is strange and theatrical in a way that also reminded me a little of Hal Hartley, but more hormonal and artistic, and through the stilted script come these great moments, like every scene with Dennis Hopper as the father. Stewart Copeland, the drummer from the Police, composed the score.  FFC said Stew called himself a rythmist, or maybe he even said rythmicist, which would be even funnier.  But the score is pretty awesome and seeing Copeland talk about it on the DVD made me feel a little guilty about hating him for breaking up the Police when I was in seventh grade.  I was like – just deal with it man, he’s Sting and you’re not. But now I understand that Sting is a whiny bitch.


2 Responses to “Rumblefish”

  1. MC Aaron said

    I recently found the soundtrack to this on record for a dollar even.

    No mention of Rourke’s wonderful performance?

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