Fucky Film Review!

All About My Mother

Posted by Web Manager on May 2, 2009

Pedro Almodovar 1999

Almodovar closes this film with a dedication: “To all the women who have played actresses… who can act… to men who act and become women… to all the people who want to be mothers… to my mother .”  Like the movie, which being an Almodovar movie has some amazing things going for it (eg. when the doctors from the training video sit Manuela down to discuss organ transplants a second time), the dedication is probably a little too meta for its own good.  As far as mothers go, it bothered me that the primary vehicle Pedro used to explore mothers’ love was the death of the child. It felt a little cloying after a while, despite the overall filmmaking being so good. I think that’s why I liked VOLVER better.  It explores the action of motherhood, whereas in this film motherhood is either anticipated, ignored, or lost in grief.  And the whole idea that the social worker nun played by Penelope Cruz would have sex with an HIV-positive transsexual prostitute is a little hard to swallow, if you will.  Or maybe Lola, when we finally see her, just doesn’t live up to her reputation.


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