Fucky Film Review!

The Queen

Posted by Web Manager on April 26, 2009

Stephen Frears 2006

This is a good one to watch with Grandma, if your Grandma isn’t one of those wily old coots who’d rather watch BLACK SNAKE MOAN. Speaking of which, I saw a rather recent picture of Helen Mirren in a bikini and it was pretty remarkable. Fucky Film Review definitely tips its hat to Dame Mirren for being a sixty year old hardbody.  The movie was entertaining and pretty smart, especially the second half, but there was also something a little ridiculous about the premise of watching Tony Blair on the big screen; like an after school special on steroids.  (I don’t mean an after school special about steroids; I mean if the after school special itself was taking steroids).


2 Responses to “The Queen”

  1. zimchee said

    this is hillarious…you can see the whole thing on VINCE VAUGHN’S WILD WEST COMEDY TOUR, which I thought was a good movie. http://gawker.com/354075/vince-vaughn-fights-roid+raging-ralphie

  2. zimchee said


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