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Posted by Web Manager on April 25, 2009

Guy Ritchie 2008


Low expectations set me up to be pleasantly surprised by the latest Guy Ritchie film about a couple of guys who get into a jam and end up owing an unfair amount of money to a ruthless but ultimately ineffective London mobster.  Here the mobster is played by Tom Wilkinson, who does a great job, especially in the scenes with the Russian billionaire, where Wilkinson gives the British mobster just the right amount of insecurity.  The story and editing gimmicks do their work, with support from Jeremy Piven and a couple of hard Eastern European war criminal hit men.  Thandy Newton was hotter than I remember her being, although her character was ridiculous, and it wasn’t clear to me whether she got whacked in the end or not.


2 Responses to “Rocknrolla”

  1. zimchee said

    Wario absolutely hated this movie, while I enjoyed every last minute! I think the major difference between our experiences was that Wario has only seen the previews, whereas as I actually watched the movie.

  2. kozakfilms said

    Wario is FFR guest movie reviewer Arthur Wildbrew’s (HAPPY-GO-LUCKY) nickname.

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