Fucky Film Review!


Posted by Web Manager on April 24, 2009

Did some flying recently.  Why do the airlines give you such crappy earphones?  Four out of five pairs don’t work.  And like an asshole I keep asking for a new pair.  One pair literally fell apart in my ear.  I tried watching FROST NIXON but couldn’t understand a word.  I did manage to get the gist of these:

YES MAN.  Jim Carrey plays a bank loan officer whose life improves significantly when he takes the advice of a motivational speaker and starts saying yes to everything.  This allows him to meet Zooey Deschanel, which is always a plus.  I laughed a few times, but I think it was the Xanex again.

DEFIANCE.  Tuvia (Daniel Craig), a lowborn Jew from Belarus, uses his physical prowess and white horse to save Jews in the forest, only according to his brother Zus (Liev Schrieber, who in real life has babies with Naomi Watts), he’s not willing enough to kill Belarussian peasants for their milk. I’m sure it looked better on a big screen.  I agree with Uncle Ari (not in the film) who suggested that the director (Zwick) should have cut about half of the dialogue.

REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. This film was on every plane I took. Four airlines, six flights, each direction. Each time it felt like someone was punishing me anew.

THE TRANSPORTER 3.  My favorite of the group.  Jason Statham, Britain’s answer to Bruce Willis (not that I recall anyone asking them a question), is booby trapped to his car and forced to drive the daughter of a Ukrainian environmental minister (who is super hot) (the daughter, not the minister) to all kinds of Eastern European locations in route to Odessa.  Good plane movie.  Bonus points for the cliched sympathetic French detective buddy angle.


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