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I’m A Cyborg But That’s OK

Posted by Web Manager on April 28, 2009

Chan-wook Park 2006

!!!!!!  There is Mr. Park and then there is everyone else.  Park is playing an altogether different game. I’m not saying I loved this movie.  I did love this movie, incidentally. But I’m not saying I did. The difference is small, perhaps imperceptibly so; perhaps there is no difference at all. This goes beyond liking or not liking a movie. Saying you like this movie is like saying you like the idea of gravity.  Or roasting coffee.


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Regarding Henry

Posted by Web Manager on April 27, 2009

Mike Nichols 1991

I came downstairs and my dad was watching this.  I was like, “oh, REGARDING HENRY, where Harrison Ford loses his memory and is married to Annette Bening.”  That pretty much sums it up. Spoiler alert.

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The Queen

Posted by Web Manager on April 26, 2009

Stephen Frears 2006

This is a good one to watch with Grandma, if your Grandma isn’t one of those wily old coots who’d rather watch BLACK SNAKE MOAN. Speaking of which, I saw a rather recent picture of Helen Mirren in a bikini and it was pretty remarkable. Fucky Film Review definitely tips its hat to Dame Mirren for being a sixty year old hardbody.  The movie was entertaining and pretty smart, especially the second half, but there was also something a little ridiculous about the premise of watching Tony Blair on the big screen; like an after school special on steroids.  (I don’t mean an after school special about steroids; I mean if the after school special itself was taking steroids).

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Posted by Web Manager on April 25, 2009

Guy Ritchie 2008


Low expectations set me up to be pleasantly surprised by the latest Guy Ritchie film about a couple of guys who get into a jam and end up owing an unfair amount of money to a ruthless but ultimately ineffective London mobster.  Here the mobster is played by Tom Wilkinson, who does a great job, especially in the scenes with the Russian billionaire, where Wilkinson gives the British mobster just the right amount of insecurity.  The story and editing gimmicks do their work, with support from Jeremy Piven and a couple of hard Eastern European war criminal hit men.  Thandy Newton was hotter than I remember her being, although her character was ridiculous, and it wasn’t clear to me whether she got whacked in the end or not.

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The Hustler

Posted by Web Manager on April 25, 2009

Robert Rossen 1961

One thing most people don’t know about this one is that it’s pretty sad. Another thing is that it’s not just Paul Newman who’s awesome in it.  Piper Laurie, Jackie Gleason and a very young and dashing George C. Scott are what make this movie so great to watch.  Especially George C. Scott.  And Piper Laurie.  And also Jackie Gleason.  Paul Newman said he’d never shot pool at all before making this film.

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Gangs of New York

Posted by Web Manager on April 25, 2009

Martin Scorsese 2002

One of the few un-bona-fide Scorsese pics (along with BRINGING OUT THE DEAD, KUNDUN, and a couple of others).  Not to say these films are bad; they just don’t come with the Scorsese Guarantee. GANGS has some great aspects to it – D. Day Lewis as the Butcher is reason enough to see the film. But something about the movie gets away;  the set design looks a little hokey at times, and there are several scenes that are either useless or don’t really work. But D-Day is pretty special – it makes THERE WILL BE BLOOD look like he was just phoning it in.

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Posted by Web Manager on April 24, 2009

Did some flying recently.  Why do the airlines give you such crappy earphones?  Four out of five pairs don’t work.  And like an asshole I keep asking for a new pair.  One pair literally fell apart in my ear.  I tried watching FROST NIXON but couldn’t understand a word.  I did manage to get the gist of these:

YES MAN.  Jim Carrey plays a bank loan officer whose life improves significantly when he takes the advice of a motivational speaker and starts saying yes to everything.  This allows him to meet Zooey Deschanel, which is always a plus.  I laughed a few times, but I think it was the Xanex again.

DEFIANCE.  Tuvia (Daniel Craig), a lowborn Jew from Belarus, uses his physical prowess and white horse to save Jews in the forest, only according to his brother Zus (Liev Schrieber, who in real life has babies with Naomi Watts), he’s not willing enough to kill Belarussian peasants for their milk. I’m sure it looked better on a big screen.  I agree with Uncle Ari (not in the film) who suggested that the director (Zwick) should have cut about half of the dialogue.

REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. This film was on every plane I took. Four airlines, six flights, each direction. Each time it felt like someone was punishing me anew.

THE TRANSPORTER 3.  My favorite of the group.  Jason Statham, Britain’s answer to Bruce Willis (not that I recall anyone asking them a question), is booby trapped to his car and forced to drive the daughter of a Ukrainian environmental minister (who is super hot) (the daughter, not the minister) to all kinds of Eastern European locations in route to Odessa.  Good plane movie.  Bonus points for the cliched sympathetic French detective buddy angle.

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I Love You Man

Posted by Web Manager on April 15, 2009

No comment.

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Hey YO Ya

Posted by Web Manager on April 6, 2009

Kaveret rocks the shit, 1973.

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