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We Own The Night

Posted by Web Manager on March 31, 2009

James Gray 2006

I saw the trailer for his new film TWO LOVERS and I was curious about this James Gray fellow. He keeps making films about Russians in Brooklyn with Joaquin Phoenix. From this movie it seems like he’s an insider who thinks he’s an outsider. Like the cinematography  – it’s deep and full of flavor. He said he didn’t want it to look slick, but it does look slick.  Slickly not slick. The car chase is pretty amazing though, and not slick – there I think he got it. And some of the dialogue was a little stilted or forced, but it didn’t ruin the movie or anything. Actually there are a lot of shitty things in this movie, but also a lot of good things.  It’s strange that way. Overall this is not a movie I’d say anyone needs to go out and rush to see, but on the other hand, I guess you might as well. Your truly, The Decider.


One Response to “We Own The Night”

  1. absurdo said

    I think Joaquin Phoenix’s supposed remake as a rapper is a bunch of bull ka. where is this heading? FUCKY, any thoughts?

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