Fucky Film Review!


Posted by Web Manager on March 29, 2009

Gus Van Sant 2008

This was totally enjoyable and more than a little inspiring. James Franco is surprisingly good as Milk’s boyfriend Scott Smith, especially in the second half of the film, where he is even more restrained (which provided a nice cross-arc to Penn’s Milk, who himself was in the closet when he met Smith in the NYC subway at the beginning of the film). I liked how it was as much about about gay men and the closet (which is universal – acknowledging and celebrating our true selves) as it was about the fight for civil rights.  Scott Smith reminded me a lot of someone I know – even their names are similar. This, along with the wonderful use of real and real-looking documentary footage from San Francisco, made me very nostalgic for that city and all the wonderful and terrible things that happen there, especially, quite unbelievably, in city politics. I liked that Gus Van Sant approached his hero aloofly, especially in his personal relationships, like the somewhat inexplicable one with the unbalanced kid from Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, who made me cringe every time he appeared. Fucky says: Solid biopic.


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