Fucky Film Review!

Gran Torino

Posted by Web Manager on March 22, 2009

Clint Eastwood 2008

I loved how the Lor family shaman’s body suit was made out of the same stuff as the shoulder bag I bought in Laos a few years ago.  Along the same lines, when Clint said “these Hmong broads are like Badgers” I totally knew what he meant. They are. This movie made me laugh (just look at that face, bubeleh). Its best moments are definitely its funniest, even when they’re hammy – there’s just something about Clint the actor. But Clint the director is a different story. This is the first of his movies I’ve seen since MYSTIC RIVER. which was like MYSTIC PIZZA, but without the pizza, and with Sean Penn. I’ve been boycotting Clint because I felt like there was no room for me in his pictures. It was like, here it is, that’s it, all of it, right there, there you go. Kind of boring. And though this is just as true of TORINO, I didn’t mind quite as much. Old men don’t really care much what young men think. Clint’s an old man, and this is his movie. He doesn’t care that I’ll know exactly what it is by the time its halfway done. He doesn’t care what I think.  He knows how to make movies, and for him at least, that’s enough.


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