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Talk To Her

Posted by Web Manager on March 21, 2009

Pedro Almodovar 2002

that tickles

Just watched Hable con Ella in the afternoon, impromptu, while waiting for the curry and turmeric to seep into the chicken on the burners. The host had a few interesting titles in her collection, and in fact I tried to watch MULHOLLAND DRIVE first, but the DVD player made an editorial decision. TALK TO HER was our unanimous second choice.  It’s the third time I’ve seen the film.  The first was in the theater, and I remember liking it, but not especially.  The second time I watched it was more unintentional, though not quite as unintentional as this time, and I liked it even better, perhaps, I might say I especially liked it. This time I can say without reservation that I loved it. Almodovar, for all the due he gets, might still be the most underrated living filmmaker I can think of. TALK TO HER is pretty much a perfect movie. If you’ve seen it and you don’t agree with me, I understand; after all I was once like you. Fucky’s advice is simple: see it again, if only for one of my favorite all time lines, delivered into a telephone receiver by the receptionist who works for Alicia’s father, and heard only by Benigno as he sits and waits (“I just had an elephant-sized dump”).


2 Responses to “Talk To Her”

  1. zimchee said

    TALK TO HER is a great movie. MULHOLLAND DRIVE sucks donkey toochis (except for the lesbian scene)!

  2. zimchee said

    Which Almodovar movie has the dude that keeps a box of joints on his desk?

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