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The Visitor

Posted by Web Manager on March 17, 2009

Thomas McCarthy 2007

Big ups to any man called Jenkins. Here’s Jenkins visiting Tariq in a detention center in Queens. Jenkins met Tariq when Jenkins made an unexpected visit from Connecticut, where he’s been living some kind of private hell ala GROUNDHOG DAY. Unbeknownst to Jenkins, Tariq had been living in Jenkins’ massive apartment in the West Village with his dubious Senegalese girlfriend, who apparently wasn’t dubious enough to realize that something must have been rotten in Denmark if they could afford a place like that on whatever the two of them were earning selling jewelry on Canal street and playing Djembe in jazz quartets. Or, for that matter, how Tariq, a Palestinian from Damascus, came to play an African drum (maybe a visitor brought it to him), or why, frankly, he wasn’t that good at it, if he’d been playing all his life. Musically the film was a total letdown. The visit to Central Park could have been great if the drums had been interesting, but instead it sounded like a lot of noise, which might be more realistic, but still, you have to wonder why the director would go through all the trouble of writing this drum into the script in such a major way but not bother bringing in some good musicians to bring it to life. The movie finally gains depth when Tariq’s mother, played by the stunning Hiam Abbas, visits New York to check on her son. She lights it up every time she’s on camera. There’s something so noble and tragic and beautiful about her face, you just want to cry. Everything good about The Visitor comes straight back to this visitor, and Fucky Film Review can’t wait to check out her previous work.

Brownie points for having them walk by the Big Bar on 7th Street, which is a long-time Fucky Favorite, and for  ending the film with a shot of the subway (I would expect nothing less from the man who made THE STATION AGENT).


2 Responses to “The Visitor”

  1. biochemistryquestions said

    You have written very good points about this movie! Anyway, I believe Richard Jenkins performance was superb!

  2. zimchee said

    it always comes back to the drums with you, doesn’t it?

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