Fucky Film Review!

Touch of Evil

Posted by Web Manager on March 15, 2009

Orson Welles 1958

I’m reading a book called THE CONVERSATIONS (between the novelist Michael Ondjaate and the film editor Walter Murch). It’s great. Murch went to film school with George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola, and worked on sound and edited in some of Coppola’s most important films. In 1998 Murch re-edited Welles’ TOUCH OF EVIL in keeping with a famous 58-page memo that Welles wrote to Universal after seeing what they had done to his picture before its release in 1958. I considered watching both versions, but time constraints imposed by my commitments to various charitable organizations and other tax-exempt entities deny me such luxuries. I chose to watch the restored 1998 version. It’s pretty awesome but that’s neither here nor there. Heston’s acting style doesn’t stand the test of time, but that’s true of a lot of acting from that era, and anyhow I wonder if Welles might have cast him for this part to mock him just a little bit, sort of like Stanley Kubrick did with Tom Cruise in EYES WIDE SHUT. Maybe? From My Cold Dead Hands indeed.


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