Fucky Film Review!

* * * Rabbit, Run * * *

Posted by Web Manager on March 7, 2009

As a posthumous tribute to John Updike I re-read his novel Rabbit, Run. It didn’t make an impression on me the first time I read it, but this time it did. Especially the ending — especially the very end of the ending. The language still felt a little strange to me, like a song I don’t altogether like, whose details somehow lessen the impact of the melody as a whole. But then often there’s a kicker, and with it, that feeling of being confronted with the kind of truth that Makes Reading Fun.

“Water hesitates on his lids and then runs down his cheeks; the wetness is delicious. He wishes he could cry for hours, for just this tiny spill relieves him. But a man’s tears are grudging and his stop before they are out of the apartment. As he closes the door he feels he has spent his whole life opening and closing this door.”


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