Fucky Film Review!

Ma Vie Sexuelle (or How I Got Into An Argument)

Posted by Web Manager on March 3, 2009

Arnaud Desplichin 1996

One of former Greenpoint Williamsburg Star Ledger Columnist Jim Antonio’s favorite films. Like a French SLACKERS, set in Paris instead of Austin, and following its unmoored characters from one affair to the next, rather than from house party to convenience store. Some might be annoyed by the ambling story line, but I liked it. It corresponded to the subject of the film — the loves of a frustrated graduate student named Paul, played by Mathieu Amalric in one of his breakout roles. Like us, Paul finds it difficult to find meaning in his meandering, but along the way he loves the women around him, usually more than he probably should, which only makes things more confusing. Maybe had Paul been in a fraternity as an undergraduate student, and had a lot of sex with drunk sorority girls, he might have satisfied some of his rather innocent sexual curiosity and not needed to confuse it with love later in his young adulthood. But they don’t really have fraternities in France, which is ironic.


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