Fucky Film Review!

The Wrestler

Posted by Web Manager on February 21, 2009

Darren Arnofsky 2008

I think movie critics love this movie so much for a lot of the same reasons they loved SIDEWAYS. I liked it a lot myself, but as with SIDEWAYS, not quite as much as them. Rourke brought it. His body was like a location in and of itself. Speaking of locations, I loved the Elks lodges, strip clubs and supermarkets that made up this film’s landscape. The director showed a softer touch than in his previous movies, and I think it worked really well this way. (Ex. the over-aggressive sound design in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM made the characters less real for me, but the same kind of thing used more sparingly in the WRESTLER – the white noise whenever Rourke’s heart was in trouble – achieved its desired effect without taking me out of the picture).  The only thing I didn’t like was the story line about his daughter – it seemed a little hackneyed and undeveloped. I guess in the end, like with SIDEWAYS, I knew I was watching a very good movie, but it was too much on the intellectual level – I didn’t feel it the way you sometimes can when you see a great movie, or even a not so great movie. WRESTLER is a very good but not great movie that I liked a lot but didn’t love.


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