Fucky Film Review!

The Host

Posted by Web Manager on February 14, 2009

Joon-ho Bong 2006


My nephew, who is staying with me this weekend, picked this one out at the video store. I’d heard it was good, but not necessarily from a reputable source. I liked the family dynamic angle, which added some unexpected dramatic heft to a film about a giant sea monster that lives in the Han River and creates havoc with no apparent plan or purpose. I’m not a huge fan of these Korean CGI creatures – they look a little silly. But I like what they do around the creatures. They need some help with the monsters. Had this sea monster (river monster doesn’t sound as good), been an actor instead of a CGI creation, it would’ve been like, “yo, Joon-ho, what’s my motivation, dawg?” My nephew, incidentally, has a fever. I was supposed to work today, which I felt guilty about since he is only staying with me for one night. Now it turns out I don’t have to work, but he’s too sick to do anything anyhow. That’s some crazy ironic shit is what that is.


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