Fucky Film Review!

Tropic Thunder

Posted by Web Manager on February 5, 2009

Ben Stiller 2008

I rented THUNDER in an effort to better tailor my film selection to the tastes of my erstwhile houseguest, Arthur Wildbrew. Although Mr. Wildbrew chuckled audibly throughout the first half of the film, he was not willing to continue watching the film into the wee hours.  We agreed to pause for beauty sleep and reconvene the following evening to see how it would all come out. At some point during our seventeen hour intermission, Wildbrew predicted that the second half of the film would not live up to the first. Wildbrew is one fickle customer. But here (unlike with HAPPY-GO-LUCKY) I have to agree with him. The best part of the second half of THUNDER is the closing credit roll, over which a hairy bald Tom Cruise dances hip hop. When did closing credits become the shit?


2 Responses to “Tropic Thunder”

  1. newman said

    cool post, tom cruise with the biggest fingers in the world (check out his interview on johnathon ross’s uk show last week)

    player player!

  2. It was a good movie

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