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Posted by Web Manager on February 1, 2009


Mike Leigh 2008


At this very moment Kozak is watching the British made film “Happy-Go-Lucky,” about a cheerful British woman (called ‘Poppy’ (hahaha)) whose bicycle is stolen. Forced to take driving lessons from a surly s-o-b, she is confronted with people unlike herself. Seems plain enough. But what’s the plot? There is none. Kozak pretends to be enjoying it, occasionally laughing or mumbling to himself.

I got through ten minutes of this film before walking away (approximately five feet to the computer), wondering what gives Kozak the strength to make it through a film like this. The main character might be a lesbian, but it is far from certain at this point. When asked if she’s a lesbian, Kozak replies, “No she’s not…I don’t think so.” Wishy washy! So it’s not the lesbianism pulling him through. And it’s probably not the rhyming quips Poppy delivers to her driving teacher (Let’s go gigolo!), or the way she and her roommate/lover(?) repeat each other endlessly while sitting on one of their beds. (“Seriously?” “Seriously!…”)

At one and a quarter hours through the film, with thirty five minutes to go, he admits that he doesn’t think anything is going to happen. Yet he sits and watches, dedicated as he was when he plucked the dvd box off the shelf at the rental store. Is it just a way of killing time, nothing more than pre-dinner plans? Or is it all for you, faithful readers of his blog?

What drives Kozak through films like this, ladies and gentleman, is his dark and patient movie past. No matter how many snorts, laughing shrieks and eye rolls pour forth from the lead and supporting cast, Kozak has seen enough shit films that his tolerance is solid steel, like an amazonian rain king sipping generously from mossy waters, satisfying his thirst yet ready to warn you, (hopefully!) not to see this film for any reason.


4 Responses to “Happy-Go-Lucky”

  1. kozakfilms said

    Thank You, Mr. Wildbrew. Your careful analysis is much appreciated.

    HAPPY-GO-LUCKY is in fact one of FUCKY FILM REVIEW’S favorite films of 2008.

    Best to all, and to all, the best.

  2. absurdo said

    Nice blog, KOZAK.

    Mr. Wildbrew, you are my hero. You are correct, that movie isn’t much.

    Check me out: THISABSURDLIFE

  3. Canadia said

    Nice blog, wildbrew. It is very difficult to get up from a movie part way through after watching at least 20 mintues. I recently did just that after watching about 20 minutes of “Yes Man” via internet streaming. I realized that I have never truly enjoyed a Jim Carey movie.

  4. MC Aaron said

    God, Happy-Go-Lucky was horrible. I too walked out, after thirty minutes. Yes, I went to the theater for it, fortunately I didn’t pay for that shit. Mike Leigh is totally out of touch with what makes somebody charming.

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