Fucky Film Review!

All the President’s Men

Posted by Web Manager on January 20, 2009

Alan J. Pakula 1976


“Mmm, Robert – I mean, Woodward, you smell fantastic.” “Thanks, Goldstein- I mean Bernstein.” “So what is that you’re wearing, some kind of musk?” “Nope, just Old Spice.” “Old Spice you say?” “Yep, uh huh.” “Lets bring down the Nixon administration what do you say.” “Sure thing.” “OK I’ll be nosy and aggressive, and you take the high road.” “As long as no one finds out Deep Throat’s true identity.” “No problem Sundance- I mean, Bob.  Deep Throat is all yours.” “Yep, uh huh.”  Cue montage of reporting-like stuff, ups and downs, irascible editors who defy everything to stand by their boys, and a classically seventies anticlimactic ending.


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