Fucky Film Review!

Wet Hot American Summer

Posted by Web Manager on January 19, 2009

David Wain 2001

Comedies (especially American comedies) tend not to age very well. I look to the new releases first. But TROPIC THUNDER and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS were both out and I didn’t have the patience for JCVD, and I wasn’t convinced that FINDING AMANDA would do the trick, so I went off to the comedy corner and found WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, which I’d never seen before. It starts off very boring and dumb, and continues in much the same, but the boring dumbness does set the stage for some great little bits, like the montage of the counselors going to town, which was one of the only places you could really feel like you were watching a movie by the people who brought us THE STATE.  If you stick with the movie, it, like Paul Rudd’s acting, will grow on you, and will occasionally deliver some smart laughs, like when Janeane Garafalo is calling out a list of campers and just starts making up Jewish sounding names. I can’t believe I laughed at something Janeane Garafalo did.


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