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Posted by Web Manager on January 17, 2009

John Patrick Shanley 2008

I saw DOUBT the other night in the theater, after needlessly long deliberation over what to see. Not an overly cinematic movie – it had the feel of theater, which makes sense since it was adapted (by the director) from a play (he wrote). But it was so tight, with dramatic twists in all the right places, perfectly executed by the actors – and not just the leads (P.S. Hoffman and Meryl Streep), but also the supporting actors, like Viola Davis, who played the choir boy’s mother and almost stole the movie in her two scenes.

Seeing DOUBT also reminded me that Fucky has failed to list all of the movies that I’ve seen in the theater over the past year or so. I’m not sure how this happened, but from now on there will be no such omissions, and following is a partial list of the films I saw in the theater in 2008, in order of how likely I am to see them again:


DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY. Genius. Best thing I’ve seen in years, maybe ever. Made me sick for a week.

I’M NOT THERE. Beautiful and full of stuff I probably didn’t catch. 

IN BRUGES. Surprisingly awesome. Funny, smart, original, campy, and cool.

VICKI CHRISTINA BARCELONA. Penelope Cruz is amazing. Narrator annoyed me at the beginning, but I got over it. 

EDGE OF HEAVEN. From the director of HEAD ON. Not quite as good as HEAD ON, but still pretty fucking good.

COUNTERFEITERS. A thinking person’s holocaust film.  Loved the chicks.

CONTROL. Ian Curtis was one rad sad lad. My favorite narrative movie about a real band.

RESCUE DAWN. Very good. Better than I thought it would be, but not as good as I heard it would be.

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Powerful stuff, but it got kind of out of control towards the end.

MICHAEL CLAYTON. Technically this one should be first since I already watched it again (on a plane) but watching on a plane doesn’t really count. Loved the opening scene, and Tilda Swanton rubbing her armpits. Clooney is still cool.

THE LIVES OF OTHERS. Loved it.  Like DOUBT – very taught, well acted, great script. 

DARK KNIGHT. Respect to my former neighbor Heath but it’s too long. Still it’s the kind of crap I’ll watch again.

WALTZ WITH BASHIR. Beautiful and fascinating animated documentary about the filmmaker’s memories from the Lebanon War.

THERE WILL BE BLOOD. D-Day Lewis is great, as is the music and the cinematography but P.T.A. is too heavy-handed.

BE KIND REWIND. The films within the film are the best and only reason to see the film.

FOUR MONTHS THREE WEEKS TWO DAYS. The bureaucratic contortions of getting an abortion in Communist Romania. Beautiful night shot under the streetlights. 

ELEGY. A little pretentious (why did his friend have to be a Nobel Prize winner?) but Penelope Cruz, again, was amazing.

PARANOID PARK. Too boring. Skater kids are not as interesting as the GVS seems to think they are.  Good scene when he is alone on the house on the phone.

APPALOOSA. Not a bad little Western. Viggo is pretty cool but Rene Zelwigger annoyed me for most of the film. 

TURKISH FILM WHOSE NAME I CAN’T REMEMBER. About a guy who comes home to the countryside after spending a few years in jail for student political activism. Slow burning. I like it much better now than I did while I was watching it.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Quantum of entertainment.

LOST ISLANDS. Ridiculous Israeli period piece (1980’s) about family issues. Israelis liked it because they haven’t had these kind of nostalgia trips. And even so not many Israelis liked it.

ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO. Dumb. Not that funny. Kevin Smith has still not lived up to CLERKS. I like watching Elizabeth Banks.



3 Responses to “Doubt”

  1. nay said

    don’t movie reviewers usually write who they went to the movies with? cos i’m pretty sure they do…oh and i do believe it’s the first piece i read where holocaust film and hot chicks were in the same sentence – well done ques, well done

  2. kozakfilms said

    actually, NAY, no, i don’t think movie reviewers do that. also, i am not a reviewer. i am a reporter. see the ABOUT FUCKY page for further information. thanks for the holocaust hottie props. i’ve heard BLACK BOOK is also good like that.

  3. kozakfilms said

    the name of the TURKISH FILM WHOSE NAME I CAN’T REMEMBER is AUTUMN. Thanks to AO SCOTT, of the NY TIMES, for supplying me with this information.

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