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Life of Brian

Posted by Web Manager on January 15, 2009

Terry Jones 1979

So smart! The Pythons’ did top-notch research, nailing (ha ha) – and finding a lot of humor in – nearly all of the sociopolitical issues that dominated Judea at the time of Christ: the infighting, the messiah-madness, the Hebes’ colossal stupidity in fighting the Romans in the first place, and political martyrdom. I also noticed that the costuming was fantastic – interesting interpretation of how people might have actually dressed at the time, combined with a kind of hippy Jew look that you can still find in certain places in Israel today, like my friend Abby’s facebook page. I watched the making-of afterwards and learned that art direction was the work of Terry Gilliam, whom I had totally forgotten was the animator of all the Monty Python cartoons (he later went on to direct BRAZIL and TWELVE MONKEYS among others).  Gilliam also vied within the group for the job of directing BRIAN but he was outvoted by the Pythons, who felt that Terry Jones was the better comedy director (duh).


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  1. kozakfilms said

    What about the fact that when the banks pulled the financing on this puppy none other than George Harrison stepped up and forked over the cash?

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