Fucky Film Review!

Mary Antoinette

Posted by Web Manager on January 7, 2009

Sofia Coppola 2006

Too many people – people who probably enjoyed this movie – pooped on it, and then other people got on the poopwagon and pooped on it some more, such that by the time I saw it, it was totally covered in poop, and all I expected was a lavish ooh-and-ah-fest. Well, poopers, you poop too much. MARIE is great, and the nothing that doesn’t happen in the movie is not nothing at all, but something — something done really well. It’s also such a great story to tell today – I mean it’s totally ridiculous but I felt like it was somehow relevant to my life, or at least what I think of as contemporary life. And of course it is gorgeous, and very self aware. It means to be. Check the pink Chuck Taylors in the shoe montage – how’d those get in there?  It’s decadence and privilege does decadence and privilege, sympathetically and without apology.


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