Fucky Film Review!

Bitter Moon

Posted by Web Manager on December 16, 2008

Roman Polanski 1992


Have you ever been in a destructive relationship?  The one at the center of BITTER MOON is probably more hardcore.  I say probably because I don’t know you.  I don’t know your personal situation.  But just be ready for this one.  How do you think Oscar got in that wheelchair? Snap.  Hugh Grant is a little annoying as the scandalized-slash-titillated young buck that Oscar seduces with his story and a veiled promise of a roll in the hay with Mimi  (played by Polanski’s wife Emmanuelle Seigner). All of the 80’s gadgets in Oscar’s apartment kept making me giggle (yes, giggle); he had this weird computer-phone which seemed a lot more complicated than a normal phone, and he also tossed some croissants in the microwave to impress Mimi with breakfast after one of their first encounters. Baby I’m just going to zap these croissants, put ’em on a plate with some confiture, and maybe some cheese, if I have any cheese.


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