Fucky Film Review!

Le Feu Follet

Posted by Web Manager on December 11, 2008

Louis Malle 1963

A friend of mine recommended that I see this film.  She said that the protagonist reminded her of me.  It took me almost a year before I got around to seeing it, and when I did I became somewhat concerned by her comparison.  I wrote her as much in an email and she wrote back something about the ghost of christmas past in ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE, like be careful or this could be you.  So it was hard for me to watch the film for what it was and not for how much I might resemble this bourgeois recovering alcoholic.  I really loved all of the stuff he had with him in the institution, his beautiful clothes and his luger.  His despair about his wasted life was well conceived and portrayed, but I found it less than gripping.  Definitely worth watching, even if you’re not a borderline suicidal apathetic dandy like me.


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